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Welcome to  Jabbo Hotel Uk!!

Jabbo Hotel was created by the one and only Helkat. Jabbo is a  better eddition of habbo Hotel uk with  Free Credits when you join Habbo Club Furniture available to Purchase from the catalouge aslo the new Hc  Furniture avaiable for purchase.
This Hotel  Created for 11-19 year olds to have a laugh have a chat and to have fun  And we thank helkat for this

 Jabbo Hotel  Information!!

The Jabbo Hotelwebsite  is currently owned by Helkat,Pallet who all help with the day-to-day maintaining of the website, along side our huge amount of wonderful staff!

Job Openings!

Ever wanted to work  On JabboHotel their will be job openings soon.Send a request to

We will soon have a radio Website ready to go were all the Jabbo's can Listen the best Music Around keep checking The Site For When This Will be Happening

[12/04]News  HeadLines Updated soon
There will be some Competitions
Coming soon to Jabbos So hold On tight they Will be Big
The Jabbos has no Events planned this week due to a shortage of staff! We Apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have some new events soon!

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